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Roll up the Rim 2013

Oh OK. It’s that time again for Canada’s favourite annual contest, Roll up the Rim, which we, at xsamplex, faithfully cover. We might just as well jump at and do some sleuthing at this year’s numbers. A grand total of 260,959,840 winning cups have been produced this year: this is about 25 million (MILLION) less than the year before. Every region is losing here, that is, except for Quebec: it’s gaining almost 4,000,000 more cups. The biggest loser this year, however, is Ontario. The Maritimes however, like 2012, 2011 and 2010, are losing out again: by over 6 million cups this year.

Prize-wise, it looks like Tim Horton’s is going back to the 4 major prizes: We have a car again (the Toyota Rav4 again, which was last sighted in the 2010 contest), pre-paid Mastercards (no electronics and/or TV this year!), the traditional gourmet set and of course, the 100 dollar Tims’ cards. The Prize/Region ratio shows an almost similar distribution as the amount of winning cups: Two regions lose out (Ontario and Atlantic provinces), not including the US. Secondly, there are a whole of less prizes to win than last year. 2012 and 2011 had 5 major prizes. In 2013, it looks like Tim Horton’s is going for a lot less.

My advice this year is like the ones before: if you win a monetary prize, please donate 80% to me. Thanks.

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Roll up the Rim 2012

Hey: it’s Roll up the Rim time again, you know, Canada’s favourite pastime besides eating donuts and shovelling snow. I got my first cup just a couple of days ago and I was allowed to “play again”! Amazing.

The low down tho, is that according to the Rules and Regulations the amount of contest cups went down to 285,854,400: this is almost 100,000 less cups than last year. This year, it looks like the US region is getting the most cups (+1,717,200) while the Atlantic provinces are losing out (-2,225,000). This seems to be the same pattern like last year’s and I assume that the idea is that Maritimers drink more coffee and hence why they can afford to lose contest cups because they keep buying them anyway. I made that last sentence up, obviously. Cool, eh!

Prize wise: this year Toyota provides the car, which is the Camry hybrid (it runs on tim hortons cup I heard..). The prize distribution for the Camry this year is exactly the same as last year’s. The 3D TV is also back and comes in the same distribution amounts as in 2011: however the secondary prizes (Coleman camping kit and the digital camera) show that the Maritime provinces are losing out on total distribution. Not by a lot, mind you but enough to recommend that if you want to win something more substantial than a donut, you should move to Ontario or the US.

Enjoy your pre-baked donuts and don’t Roll up the Rim and drive at the same time!

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Roll up the Rim 2011

This years “Roll Up The Rim” contest seems to have started early and it seems like Tim Horton’s (or its parent company) has decided to have the contest run slightly longer because, it’s the contest’s 25th anniversary. If it runs longer, there should be more prizes? What say you?

Actually, while the regular prizes are back in action (Toyota, TV, Grill) it looks like 2011 indeed brings extra prices: instead of the 4 main prizes, we actually have 5 of them: if we look at the past years, either the grill (“Napoleon”) or the bike (“Raleigh”) acts as the extra one. The cash prizes are totally gone though: The last time (and only time) the cash prizes weren’t there was in the year of 2008. However, there were 100 cash prizes worth 10,000 each last year: the total of that surely passes the amount of this year’s number 2, 3 and 4 (100 Panasonic TVs, 1000 Gourmet grills and 5000 Raleigh bikes have). According my best estimation the dollar number is around the 500,000 (TV ~ 3000, Grill ~ 1000, Bike ~ 500).

Region-wise, all regions except for the Atlantic provinces have gotten more cups than last year, with the absolute winner Ontario, followed by Alberta and BC. The total of cups for all regions are about the same: it hasn’t really changed in large numbers from the year before it appears.

So, yes, there are more prizes around (thanks to the extra bike / gourmet prizes). I’d be really surprised if the “longest ever prize run” actually will make it to the end of April. Good luck and stop drinking coffee by the end of March.

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Roll up the rim, anno 2010

It’s another year of trying to win a single donut and I bet you are about to run to the local Tim Hortons to put the statistics into practice. Hold on a second: At xsamplex, we’ll get you the numbers, once again (click for all entries).

It looks like the number of contest cups is in a downward trend which peaked in 2008. Compared to last year, the number of contest cups lost stands at 1,474,2000. The general distribution of contest cups shows only slight changes, with Ontario losing the most cups (5 million or so?) and a small rise of numbers in the Alberta, Quebec and Atlantic provinces regions. Quebec is the winner this year, but, with only 2 million more cups, I’m not sure if that’s something to celebrate.

For the 5th year in a row, a Toyota car is the highest valued prize to win: We’ve gone back to SUVs, or rather, the RAV4 has returned. The last time the RAV4 was the main prize was in 2005. This year, there are 40 cars given away, which is 5 more than last year, and all these extra 5 can be win in Ontario. So, if you want to win a car, it looks like Ontario is the place to go for. I bet you’ll look great in your RAV4, 4-wheeling down Toronto’s Younge street.

The other prizes haven’t changed: the numbers are all the same and the distribution has changed in favour of Canadians. The Alberta region seems to be the overall winner here (with the Atlantic provinces next in line): I could make a joke about this (“The Americans get less prizes because of Sidney Crosby”), but the numbers for these two regions just don’t look all too appealing. And again, this yeaer, we see that Toshiba provides the computer gear. That is, compared to last year, this year you can win a sub-par Intel Atom-based netbook. If you win one of those make sure you look happy.

So, generally, I think this year, I’ll stick to instant coffee with a croissant. You should probably too.

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Roll Up The Rim 2009

OhRoll Up The Rim 2009 Contest Rules yeah: I happened to walk downtown and found a couple of Roll Up The Rim cups laying around, which effectively means that that specific time of the year has arrived. So, yeah, the contest rules are right above (or on the right side, depending on your geographical location), they are there once again (notice that the Tim Hortons site still has the year of 2008 in its title tag).

No breakdown of winning cups per size this year: the numbers don’t look really appealing either (open these two in separate tabs: 2008 and 2009). BC, Ontario and the Atlantic provinces are the losers in the amount of winning cups, Ontario leading the pack. Alberta and that area north, south, west and east of Tikrit Calgary is the big winner this year: it looks like we see the same pattern as last year (Both Quebec and the US once again are winning out here). Be advised: If you recently moved away from Nova Scotia to, lets say, New Brunswick, just to get a bigger chance in winning something, you’ll be disappointed. New Brunswick is considered part of the Atlantic region. This is a a lame attempt to make a joke. Thanks.

The actual prize distribution hasn’t really changed either: I find it funny that the price this year is a Toyota Venza AWD V6 (obligatory link to Toyota): Since 2006 Hortons opted for Toyota cars as the first prize. Maybe that’s telling. This year (“The Year of the Ox”1), cash prizes seem to be the preferred choice and yes, Toshiba laptops. These are not overly expensive laptops and they carry that boring T3400 processor: However, Toshiba is so happy to be part of the Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rimmm-uh-whatdoyoucallit, that the laptop comes with a special sleeve (obligatory Toshiba link. with photo of sleeve).

You’ll look so hot when you bring that to school. Who’s bringing the donuts today?

1 The Year of the Ox has of course nothing to do with the topic. I just brought it up for no particular reason. Get it?

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Roll up the Rim 2008

If you read Roll up the Rim 2008this blog, you’d know that I’ve been tracking the Hortons’ ‘Roll up the Rim’ contest for quite a while (“Since 2002″). Just like last year, 2008 also misses the ‘breakdown of winning cups per size’ which makes the numbers look stale, if you’re a number cruncher.

On first view, there are more cases shipped to the regions 2 (Alberta), 4 (Quebec) and 6 (the US), while the Atlantic provinces and Ontario lose out on the amount of them (there’s also a bit more ‘winning cases’, 12,000 or some [Hortons metrics: ‘1 case = 1000 cups’].

As for the prizes: they’re quite dull. There is the Toyota (for the 3rd year in a row now) of course but the rest of the prizes (a boat, a Garmin device and a Hortons cash card worth 50 dollars) will probably not appeal to everyone. I’m a bit surprised to see the (popular) TV prize missing. On the other hand this appears logical and follows the basic rule of linear interpolation: after all, the size of the winning TV shrunk from 50 inch (in 2006) to 40 inch (in 2007) to nothing, nada, zilch this year. For some kind of reason, I keep thinking of the Wizard of Oz, right now.

If that doesn’t make you want to throw up and laugh, what does? Have at it coffee-drinkers of Canada (and the US).

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Roll up the Rim 2007

Hey: it’s Tim Hortons “Roll up the rim 2007″ Rules and Regulations the new accounting year clocking in and, guess what: Tim Hortons’ Roll Up The Rim 2007 has just started. This means another glorious year of more ‘less winning donuts’ and more ‘less winning coffees’. Go Team.

I was actually shocked when opening the regulations the first time: The break-down of winning cups per size has gone. This makes the paper easier to read, but far less interesting for the number crunching “Medium-sized” coffee drinkers among us. There’s no way telling which size cup you should buy.

The most important change is that it looks like that the regions have been tossed up too: this year, Ontario is now (definitely) the place to go if you want to win that ‘frozen-fried’ delicious donut. The Atlantic provinces region distribution shows a slight rise of winning cups. The biggest loser appears to be Alberta (and Saskatchawan): Which is basically because Manitoba has been added to this region, while number of cups distributed there, remained level.

As for the major prices/region distribution: This year, Hortons obviously targets the green-minded coffee drinkers by having a Hybrid (Camry) as the main price (last year it was the Toyota Rav4). Notably, this year’s Plasma TV’s size is substantially smaller than last year’s (40 vs 50 inch). And hey, I’m not sure if I’d prefer an iPod nano above a Broil King BBQ.

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Roll up the rim 2006

Once again, Roll up the rimHortons Roll up the Rim contest has just started and we at xsamplex are once again at the forefront of analysing your chances to win a donut.

This year seems to be marking the rise of ‘large cups’ in each part of the country (with less medium and extra-large winners). Generally all provinces seem to have been losing winning cups particularly Eastern Ontario. Overall winner (all size cups) seems to be Manitoba and portions of Central and Northern Ontario. (Notice that the 2006 layout seems to be missing the approximate number of cases per store, which you’ll find on the previous years schemes). There are still the same number of grand prizes (30: the Rav 4 this year, vs. last years GMC Envoy). The rest of the prices appear to be evenly distributed. But. Hey: great news, there’s a bigger chance in winning a BBQ set!

Previous entries: 2005, 2004, 2003 and 2002.

Note: data for 2002 seems to be missing.

Rrrroll up the Rrrim 2005

I see that Tim Hortons has launched their Oh NO!2005 ‘Rrroll up the Rrrim’ contest. Once again, I’ve added the this year’s Rules and Regulations to this blog for your viewing and statistical pleasures.

First glance: The Atlantic Provinces (NB, NL and NS) added 9 extra stores and got less medium cups but more large and extra large cups. Not that it will help your chances: there’s one less second price to win (last year 16 [Plasma TVs] vs. this year 15 [Home Theatres]). There are 3 less third prices to win ($1000 cash!). And to top it off: of the last ‘grand price’ (this year it’s a George Coleman, vs. last year’s Schwinn’s bikes) , the Atlantic provinces only have 1122 of them to divide, vs. 1177 last year.

Rrroll Up Your Rrrim and get more trims. (2003, 2004)

update 01/01/06: small corrections to location and images.

Roll up the rim 2004

Just last night./wp-content/misc/sm_timhortons2004.jpg I (casually) predicted to my wife that the Tim Hortons’ ‘Roll Up the Rim’ contest was about to start. Today it actually started, as one can tell from the Horton site.

Long time readers will also remember earlier entries on this contest: the 2003 entry is here. The 2002 entry has been imported at this location. And yes, dear, we can compare the numbers once again to find out that the biggest losers in Canada are (and this won’t surprise anyone)… the poor citizens from Nova Scotia and Manitoba! Stats freaks: get out the calculators and count all the chances you may have to win that GMC truck. Or Plasma TV. Or whatever.

As for Hortons: This year, Nescafe instant coffee will do. If you win a truck, let me know.

Tim Horton’s Roll up the Rim (and don’t win) 2003

Tim Horton’s has just kicked off their 2003 Roll up the Rim campaign, and yes, just like last year, their rules and regulations have been put on-line. A quick summary has been summarized and can be found here for you to enjoy. All you statistics freaks: Hack em.

There’s one thing that caught my eye: Alberta and the Atlantic provinces have almost the same number of prices. However, there appear to be less stores in Alberta. I suggest that we all move to Ontario
and/or Alberta to claim our winning cups.

Rrroll up the rimmm

It’s Rrroll up the Rim time, Horton’s yearly prize contest. Meaning that some of your favourite coffee cups (sizes Medium, Large and Extra Large) may have a prize if you roll up its rim.

However, compared with 2000, there’s the slight impression that there are less prizes awarded. Particularly in Nova Scotia.

So how many contest cups are distributed? Tim Hortons helps here: they publish the contest rules on their homepage: Nova Scotia (Atlantic provinces) gets indeed less ‘winning cups’ than the other regions (except for Quebec which has the least number of participating stores). Interesting food for statisticians. I wonder how the 2002 rules and prizes compare with the previous years.