Roll up the rim 2006

Once again, Roll up the rimHortons Roll up the Rim contest has just started and we at xsamplex are once again at the forefront of analysing your chances to win a donut.

This year seems to be marking the rise of ‘large cups’ in each part of the country (with less medium and extra-large winners). Generally all provinces seem to have been losing winning cups particularly Eastern Ontario. Overall winner (all size cups) seems to be Manitoba and portions of Central and Northern Ontario. (Notice that the 2006 layout seems to be missing the approximate number of cases per store, which you’ll find on the previous years schemes). There are still the same number of grand prizes (30: the Rav 4 this year, vs. last years GMC Envoy). The rest of the prices appear to be evenly distributed. But. Hey: great news, there’s a bigger chance in winning a BBQ set!

Previous entries: 2005, 2004, 2003 and 2002.

Note: data for 2002 seems to be missing.

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