Palm Desktop plugins


Early 2002, there was a request to integrate Palm synchronization into an open-source e-mailer. I happened to run into Palm’s Palm Desktop, an application that generally comes with every Palm Pilot. At that time its SDK was pretty much open and developers generally submitted tips how to address the COM objects that were exposed by the application. Most of these samples however were written in either Visual Basic and C++. I had a brief e-mail exchange with one of the Palm product support guys and sent in examples (and documentation) how to create plug-ins in Delphi for the Palm Desktop. From what I can tell from the Palm site itself (most of it is behind the proverbial password-wall) that not too much has changed: the same Palm Desktop is still using the same calls to the same COM methods. If you want to look into developing plugins for the Palm desktop, you definitely will need to subscribe to Palm’s developer program.


The zip file comes with 2 documents (one in Word and one in OpenOffice format) describing how to start making plugins. It may be useful to read that first before actually looking into the code: these documents do imply that you have a basic understanding of COM/ActiveX. A compiled DLL and tlb files have been added. You may need to ‘regenerate’ the TLB files in your Delphi environment. All other disclaimers apply.