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May 4th/May 5th

With Canada’s political parties in a hubris because of an upcoming showdown vote in the House of Commons, most (invited) MPs and prime minister have opted not to attend the 60th anniversary of the Liberation in the Netherlands (Dutch). (more here).

Earlier on local broadcaster ATV, Peter Stoffer, MP for Sackville (I think), did an emotional appeal (literally) to other MPs (and the prime minister) to set aside the political matters and attend the celebrations in The Netherlands. I’ll add an additional note, taken from the invitation I got from the H. Consul in Halifax: this may well be the last (massive) celebration of the Liberation in the Low Lands.


Back up after days of deliberations and things and things.

The hardest part was actually deciding to go forward or wait for data to come back from Alfons’ server. I’ll end up reimporting that data: most likely I have to merge old MySQL data with the current one.

There’s still some organizing to do, but for now, it’s done. And hey, thank god, I used to test my initial changes on my local server.

Naturally, got rid of that frigging default Dashboard (here).

Apply math. Get food.

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Layout changes

I managed to change the layout once again, basically to reflect the ‘No-Nonsense’ feeling. Additional changes are yet to come for the categories page and other archiving matters. It did cost me time to get this layout right, and I wasn’t sure if it was actually possible.

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