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Back up after days of deliberations and things and things.

The hardest part was actually deciding to go forward or wait for data to come back from Alfons’ server. I’ll end up reimporting that data: most likely I have to merge old MySQL data with the current one.

There’s still some organizing to do, but for now, it’s done. And hey, thank god, I used to test my initial changes on my local server.

Naturally, got rid of that frigging default Dashboard (here).

Datestamps, please.

Here is a tip for those aspiring web developers who think that they know it all after they have managed to create a ‘database-driven’ web application:

Always add a field to important tables that shows when specific items (or rows) were inserted or created. Call it date_created or something. At least it gives you a reference when something was created. Helps if you need to audit and verify data too.

To my surprise I saw that there’s no date/timestamp for WordPress’s *_links table. It has a ‘updated’ timestamp field, that gets updated each time you change the link. Which gets pretty unusable.


Come to think of it, I posted two links today that are tied together in a way but are completely different immigration cases: first of all, Sanja Pecelj returned yesterday from Mexico. After a long Immigration struggle she got her awaited Permanent Resident status. Her story (and several interviews with her) was big news on several Canadian channels, particularly in the Maritimes. Congratulations: I know exactly how that feels.

The other case is the one of the Holocaust denier, who was deported from Canada, after Germany was able to seek extradition. It took Canadian authorities two years to establish whether he posed a threat to Canadian security. A federal judge (yesterday) found:

  ” that his anti-Semitic and hatred-inciting activities were not only a threat to Canada’s national security, but also a threat to the international community of nations.”

Sometimes even I have to admit that immigrations laws go over my head. In some cases the system doesn’t work. In some cases it seems to work.

Left Outer Joins

More database stuff: the most exciting stuff of databases is actually analyzing the data afterwards (after the regular integrity checks, naturally). It’s a goldmine, except for that you need to know how to actually capture that data. Here’s a tip for the math lovers: if you’re not sure how your query should be built, think unions. Remember those junior years when you were wasting time drawing circles of collections of apples and pears? They’re back!

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Databeast and time

Earlier this week, I thought I had made a crucial mistake when I was testing a couple of new and existing reports on my Debian database server (at home). For some kind of reason, firing up a query that returns a selection between two dates didn’t return the results I wanted to see (example):

SELECT * from atable
WHERE date_in >= '01/01/05'
AND date_in < = '01/31/05';

Under all normal circumstances this query should return all the rows that fall in between those days, including the 31st of January. My home server didn’t.

It ended up to be a timezone configuration error on my server: My server was set to EST, while AST would have been more appropriate.