Come to think of it, I posted two links today that are tied together in a way but are completely different immigration cases: first of all, Sanja Pecelj returned yesterday from Mexico. After a long Immigration struggle she got her awaited Permanent Resident status. Her story (and several interviews with her) was big news on several Canadian channels, particularly in the Maritimes. Congratulations: I know exactly how that feels.

The other case is the one of the Holocaust denier, who was deported from Canada, after Germany was able to seek extradition. It took Canadian authorities two years to establish whether he posed a threat to Canadian security. A federal judge (yesterday) found:

  ” that his anti-Semitic and hatred-inciting activities were not only a threat to Canada’s national security, but also a threat to the international community of nations.”

Sometimes even I have to admit that immigrations laws go over my head. In some cases the system doesn’t work. In some cases it seems to work.

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