How to Slashdot yourself

Besides continuously patting yourself on the shoulder, how you were at the forefront of the PodCasting/RSS/YourSelfInducedInventionHere rage, here over at XSamplex we’re proud to present a unique way to make your site (weblog or pages) a prominent place on the Internet. The secret to this is called ‘Slashdot-yourself’ and regardless of what everybody says, it’s easy! You just need a tab enabled webbrowser.

And you need to have an attitude too.

What is ‘Slashdotting’

Slashdotting is the effect after a renown site has published an article that (exclusively) links to your weblog or website. Hordes of intellectuals visit your site, either bringing your webserver to a crawl or, as Modern-Day-geeks normally call it, ‘burn your b0xenz1!1111 LOL OMG!!’.

LOL, indeed.

But I want to become famous!

Hold on to your b0xenz1!111 LOL OMG!!! If your webserver survives this kind of traffic you can add yourself to the list of people who have been ‘Slashdotted’ and have survived this unnatural phenomenon. You get the gist? As long as you’ve not been Slashdotted, you’re not of A-List importance. Nor can you join the ranks of other self-proclaimed prophets like… uh…. yes: you know who you are!

But I just want to be important!

The other way around is to find an acronym that nobody knows yet. You won’t find to many: RSS, PodCasting and OPML have already been invented. I’ll give you a freebie: try PBSSP (PushButton Spreadsheet Power) or OS2CP. You can figure that one out yourself.

There must be another way, you say (TMBAWYS)? [NSFW]

Step 1.

First: think hard. Is Slashdotting-yourself legal? Please refer to your host’s Terms of Service (TOS) first. Also: it’s no fun to try this on other’s sites. After all you want your site to be famous, no? If it’s not legal or worth it, DO NOT EVEN BOTHER. You don’t want the FBI knocking on your door or have your account suspended right?

Step 2.


Step 3.

?? ??

Step 4.

Profit!!! You have succesfully Slashdotted-yourself. You’re now among the greatest of greatest, like Dave Winer and Robert Scoble. You’re important now: make sure to make an announcement on your weblog. That is, if it hasn’t been Slashdotted yet.

Ed1: Add Step 1b: Post to your weblog that you’ve survived a Slashdot! Use past tense.

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