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Proportional Representation

I wrote earlier on Proportional Representation here (previously) and this topic needs some minor updates. Douglas Amy’s link now resolves to FairVote (“Common criticism of PR”) – and this looks like the same article that I linked to, so many … Continue reading

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Last week’s biggest news was the loss of the Titan submersible (full Wikipedia article here). Out of the top of my head, the submersible had 5 passengers and was on an exploration tour (expedition?) to the Titanic wreck (Wikipedia article … Continue reading

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In the last 15 years or so, I’ve gone thru my share amount of computers – initially starting with laptops – then moving back to desktop computers. As a matter of fact – since I went to Canada, I’ve used … Continue reading

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OSINT and MH17

As mentioned and posted earlier (here), there have been so many events that happened that it’s hard to pick out topics. However – one of the things that stands out is the rise of OSINT or “open source intelligence”: […] … Continue reading

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USS Tang

I recently read the book “Sink ‘Em All’, written by Vice Admiral Lockwood (Amazon link). It tells the story of the American submarine warfare in WW2 – strategy, wins and losses. The book tells the story of many of the … Continue reading

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Dutch truck

Dutch truck n. 1. A mobile store that sells Dutch treats, food items and goodies. Typically operated by a person knowledgeable on Dutch things. 2. informal A person who walks into a private conversation and manages to change the subject … Continue reading

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Fandro 2 (Winforms)

Back in 2014, I mentioned briefly that I had started on the .Net version of Fandro (see: No timelines as of yet, though, but technically, the main algorithm was finished a couple of days ago. Time permitting, I expect … Continue reading

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We’re in there

One of life’s crazy things is that one is always too busy. Work. Pets. Family. Hobby-coding. Driving. Walking. More coding. And finally, just more coding. We’re back after a hiatus. A long one. It’s 2023 and the last time I … Continue reading

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It’s the end of the year and

It’s the end of the year and inventorying some of the server stuff, I noticed that this section has not been updated since May-ish. Nor has the site’s software been upgraded. I still plan to use the weblog (I always … Continue reading

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You heard it here first: I’ve started working on a successor to Fandro (at xsamplex), mainly because, firstly, I love diving into these kind of algorithms. Secondly, Fandro’s popularity (for an app written in the Windows XP age) surprised me. … Continue reading

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The Jolly Season

Let’s start with the major news of the last 5 or 7 days: The disappearance of flight MA 370 (Wikipedia). Last week, the Malaysian authorities have shown a lack of competence in the handling of news regarding the lost plane. … Continue reading

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Holy, Months

Holy moly, I’ve not updated since last year? Preposterous! Might just as well give it ago: The worst part of 2013’s last days was the rainstorm annex ice storm that hit parts of Ontario and NB: In our region, I … Continue reading

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Steam stuff

Having been on Steam now for over 10 years (really): I remember the days that Reddit’s most popular games delivery system was oh so unstable and bug-ridden. I also remember ordering my very first Steam game on-line, which was X3-Reunion. … Continue reading

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