It’s the end of the year and

It’s the end of the year and inventorying some of the server stuff, I noticed that this section has not been updated since May-ish. Nor has the site’s software been upgraded. I still plan to use the weblog (I always hated that word), but I have no idea about the frequency. Maybe a couple of posts a month. For now, random bits about the year of 2014:

  • The biggest story of 2014 was the plane disaster above the Ukraine (wikipedia). There were a lot of Indo-Dutch people on this flight which end destination was Indonesia. I (and fellow former Dutch citizens) was horrified to see that the Dutch government squirm its way to find a proper response. Their first goal would have been immediate repatriation of the dead1.
  • The other plane disaster, MH317 (wikipedia) still has many internet “conspirilogists” (I made up that word) think up many new ways how this plane could have disappeared. I’m with CNN: it was a black hole.
  • Now that I have a border collie mix, I also have started uploading videos of the long road to train her to become a dog – If you like dogs, feel free to watch the playlist (Youtube, Pepper videos)

For now, a good New Year’s eve and see you on the other side of the year.

1 That said, excellent repatriation process (cbc link) for the victims tho.

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