Update (June 2023)

Fandro is officially GPL-ed –

If you feel like wading thru Delphi code – feel free to look and learn!

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Frustrated with today’s Find and Search File tools? Getting sick and tired of Windows XP’s built-in search tool? Running Agent Ransack lite, because, well, it works and nothing else is available out there?

Me Too ™

Fandro was a 3 day excercise toordnaf 1 build a tool to help me find the files I needed to find: I noticed that my Windows XP (Home edition) didn’t return the wanted results. On several laptops I have a ‘convenience program’ installed (Agent Ransack), but not happy with the fact that I run a ‘light’ version of a supposedly ‘professional’ tool, I decided to study Boyer-Moore routines and ended up with a home-brew find tool, Fandro.

It’s not in the name

Fandro is an abreviation of ordnaf 2‘Find And Recover A File Search Tool Or Something’. No really: I had no time to find a good name so I ended up with a name that could have been the name of your dog! And I don’t even like dogs.


From version on, Fandro supports the following command-line parameters (note that command line switches start with a double dash):

--dir="C:\", folder to use
--qry="WORDS TO LOOK FOR", words to look for
--msk="*.EXE", mask to use.
--cmd="[SWC]", combination of SWC (Subfolders, Whole words, Case sensitive]
--mtc="(ANY, ALL, EXACT)", choice of one of the three (example: --mtc="EXACT")
--run (no options), run immediately.

Example: fandro --dir="c:\program files" --msk="*.mp3" --run --cmd=SC

Where’s it at, then

Right here! Downloads are initially hosted by myself. I may consider open sourcing the program so that you all can judge me as the most (ahem) funny programmer in the world! Please consider reading the releasenotes before you ship the program to your cousin’s cousin… hey: I didn’t charge you for anything, and you shouldn’t either!

  • Version Download here [02/06/10].
    • Added Explorer integration
    • Added register and unregister menuitems to enable/disable Explorer integration (only 32-bits!).
  • Version Download here [02/06/10].
    • Moved Ints to Int64.
    • Added extra ‘open folder item’ (CTRL+ALT+E) in Search menu.
    • Added autocompletion in directory box (result of latest JVCL).
    • Compiled against the lastest JVCL
  • Version Command-line interface [07/20/07]
  • Version Added Explorer’s context menu [07/18/07].
  • Version Bug fix (400 K or something): Solves case sensitivity issues [07/17/06]
  • Version (please see above).
  • Version (please see above).

What’s next?

Feel free to forward bugs to me.

  • I plan minor updates to the interface
  • A tight Explorer integration (right-click/context-menu).
  • A command-line interface

Have fun.

More on Fandro


Per Feb 11th, 2009, I’ve marked Fandro as a “legacy” project. This means that the Delphi project won’t be actively maintained and that sooner (or later) I will consider moving this to the GPL. Thanks for your comments and support.

Disclaimer: Files that come directly from this site have been tested on virusses. If you didn’t get the file from here and your AV sofware claims to have found a virus, you should bother someone else and not me. Thank you.