Proportional Representation

I wrote earlier on Proportional Representation here (previously) and this topic needs some minor updates. Douglas Amy’s link now resolves to FairVote (“Common criticism of PR”) – and this looks like the same article that I linked to, so many years ago – 2004!

Looking at the recent win of an (extreme) right party in The Netherlands (see: Wilders wins elections) this seems like a fair moment to shoot down PR systems. Go ahead – but hold on as well: The PVV (Wilders party) won the elections because it gained most of the seats in the Lower Chamber – 37. The total number of seats is 150 – which means that the PVV has to form some sort of coalition to be able to form a cabinet. This looks fairly impossible – unless other Dutch parties (like the Liberals/VVD) are willing to be associated with extreme right politicians from the PVV. Everything points to a minority government – and if so – I expect the PVV having to turn against their own party principles because – they are so out of line with the common core Dutch (liberal) principles. Governing is different than having hollow slogans.

My expectation is that any newly formed cabinet will fall – and that there will be an election within a year.

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