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Dragons and Laptops

What is funnier than ‘America’s Funniest Home Video Show’? Why, items that are wrongly priced on on-line shopping sites! I mean, a 10,000 dollar laptop that features a second generation i3 processor, a tame Radeon processor and yes, 6 GB of RAM. Surely, that RAM is solid gold. No?

A month or so ago, I finished watching all seasons of the show ‘A Game of Thrones’ (HBO Canada), an award-winning TV series based on George R. R. Martin’s Fantasy books ‘Songs of fire and ice’. I was advised it was pretty good, and sure, it was pretty good. The show is known as the most downloaded show on the Internet as HBO had refused to sell the show on DVD (or something to that matter: I can’t remember the details).

I had already started on George R. R. Martin’s books on July the 6th and as you may have noticed from the books-library, I finished the current known last entry of the series, “A dance of dragons”, just a week or so ago. All the titles in the series are long and, while at times slow to develop, fairly good reads. The major question is that Martin still has two titles to write and looking at the pace of the HBO series, I fear that the show is catching up with the books before Martin can officially finish them.

Activities in Linux

Now that I’ve finally moved on to bigger hardware, I can officially retire my 2008 DV-5 1157-CA (this link doesn’t exist anymore). It has served me well, while costing me two harddrives, because, well, it obviously lost one fan at one time resulting in overheating. As you know, the number one killer of harddrives is heat.

While we’re at it: I’ve decided to steer away from major brand laptops like HP and Toshiba: I have had both brands and have seen the quality dwindle down. Current models look ugly and are extremely fragile. I don’t mean that you should be able to drop a laptop from 20 feet or so.

My favourite part of the DV-5 was the fact that it could play recent games fairly well (see category) because of the size of the video ram: For a general all-purpose laptop in 2008, 512 MB was a lot. Additionally, the laptop is not extremely hard to take apart: heck, at one time, HP’s site had elaborate instructions how to do it yourself and where to order spare parts from. Maybe that’s all we need from laptop manufacturers: sell laptops that one can repair and upgrade yourself.

For now, the DV-5 is running the latest Ubuntu flavour.