Rrrroll up the Rrrim 2005

I see that Tim Hortons has launched their Oh NO!2005 ‘Rrroll up the Rrrim’ contest. Once again, I’ve added the this year’s Rules and Regulations to this blog for your viewing and statistical pleasures.

First glance: The Atlantic Provinces (NB, NL and NS) added 9 extra stores and got less medium cups but more large and extra large cups. Not that it will help your chances: there’s one less second price to win (last year 16 [Plasma TVs] vs. this year 15 [Home Theatres]). There are 3 less third prices to win ($1000 cash!). And to top it off: of the last ‘grand price’ (this year it’s a George Coleman, vs. last year’s Schwinn’s bikes) , the Atlantic provinces only have 1122 of them to divide, vs. 1177 last year.

Rrroll Up Your Rrrim and get more trims. (2003, 2004)

update 01/01/06: small corrections to location and images.

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2 Responses to Rrrroll up the Rrrim 2005

  1. Ranger Bob says:

    I work for Sobeys in Alberta, and a co-worker won one of the Jeeps yesterday.


    See my March 31, 2004 Blog. =)

    :: http://ranger-bob.net/archives/march2004.html

    Found your site from:


  2. Arthur says:

    and a co-worker won one of the Jeeps yesterday.

    The Envoy, he won? Lucky him. Less chance now to win a remaining one.

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