I cannot find the right answer to the following question: If you’re allowed to record fragments of a radio show on cassette-tape (being either any brand of C-60, C-90, C-120 cassettes1), why wouldn’t you be allowed to record the music (using any wave editor/recorder, like Audacity) of a videoclip and put that recording on a CD for personal use. Is the latter actually illegal, and if it is, does it contradict the fact that ‘taping’ was always allowed (‘fair use’)? I’m not a copyright expert, so I might be missing the point.

Interesting developments around: The initial posting that made me consider the problem (Niels’). Others: Michael Geist on Canadian levy on blank CDs, Dan Brown being sued for copyright infringement and last but not least Google’s problems with copyrights.

1 Old technology: Cassette tapes!