Roll up the Rim 2008

If you read Roll up the Rim 2008this blog, you’d know that I’ve been tracking the Hortons’ ‘Roll up the Rim’ contest for quite a while (“Since 2002”). Just like last year, 2008 also misses the ‘breakdown of winning cups per size’ which makes the numbers look stale, if you’re a number cruncher.

On first view, there are more cases shipped to the regions 2 (Alberta), 4 (Quebec) and 6 (the US), while the Atlantic provinces and Ontario lose out on the amount of them (there’s also a bit more ‘winning cases’, 12,000 or some [Hortons metrics: ‘1 case = 1000 cups’].

As for the prizes: they’re quite dull. There is the Toyota (for the 3rd year in a row now) of course but the rest of the prizes (a boat, a Garmin device and a Hortons cash card worth 50 dollars) will probably not appeal to everyone. I’m a bit surprised to see the (popular) TV prize missing. On the other hand this appears logical and follows the basic rule of linear interpolation: after all, the size of the winning TV shrunk from 50 inch (in 2006) to 40 inch (in 2007) to nothing, nada, zilch this year. For some kind of reason, I keep thinking of the Wizard of Oz, right now.

If that doesn’t make you want to throw up and laugh, what does? Have at it coffee-drinkers of Canada (and the US).

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