Moby Octopad

I brought Yo La Tengoup Yo La Tengo a couple of times, skirmishly, I admit (previously on xsamplex). I discovered the band via the ‘regular musical path’: As a fan of Sonic Youth I ended up listening to Yo La Tengo. I’m not sure why that is: Yo La Tengo’s music style comes closer to ‘easy listening music’: edgy, experimental, yet, predictable and accessible. But fun, yes: the bandmembers are well-known for making fun (“You Can Have It All, Live”) of themselves (“Tom Courtenay”) and their ‘nerdy image’ (“Sugar Cube”). Maybe it’s because they are from New Jersey.

So: Initially, I was thinking of throwing in their song ‘You Can Have It All’ (see link above for live performance) but I decided to go for a sample from YLT’s 1997 album ‘I Can Hear the Heart Beating As One’: Moby Octopad (sample 30+second) is the second track on that album. For me, personally, it stands out because of the heavily pronounced bass and drum theme and the (band’s) typical multi-vocal melodic song style. Not brilliant, but definitely different and unique.

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