Roll Up The Rim 2009

OhRoll Up The Rim 2009 Contest Rules yeah: I happened to walk downtown and found a couple of Roll Up The Rim cups laying around, which effectively means that that specific time of the year has arrived. So, yeah, the contest rules are right above (or on the right side, depending on your geographical location), they are there once again (notice that the Tim Hortons site still has the year of 2008 in its title tag).

No breakdown of winning cups per size this year: the numbers don’t look really appealing either (open these two in separate tabs: 2008 and 2009). BC, Ontario and the Atlantic provinces are the losers in the amount of winning cups, Ontario leading the pack. Alberta and that area north, south, west and east of Tikrit Calgary is the big winner this year: it looks like we see the same pattern as last year (Both Quebec and the US once again are winning out here). Be advised: If you recently moved away from Nova Scotia to, lets say, New Brunswick, just to get a bigger chance in winning something, you’ll be disappointed. New Brunswick is considered part of the Atlantic region. This is a a lame attempt to make a joke. Thanks.

The actual prize distribution hasn’t really changed either: I find it funny that the price this year is a Toyota Venza AWD V6 (obligatory link to Toyota): Since 2006 Hortons opted for Toyota cars as the first prize. Maybe that’s telling. This year (“The Year of the Ox”1), cash prizes seem to be the preferred choice and yes, Toshiba laptops. These are not overly expensive laptops and they carry that boring T3400 processor: However, Toshiba is so happy to be part of the Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rimmm-uh-whatdoyoucallit, that the laptop comes with a special sleeve (obligatory Toshiba link. with photo of sleeve).

You’ll look so hot when you bring that to school. Who’s bringing the donuts today?

1 The Year of the Ox has of course nothing to do with the topic. I just brought it up for no particular reason. Get it?

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2 Responses to Roll Up The Rim 2009

  1. Tammy says:


    Just wondering if you know the average increase in volume of sales of coffee for TH during the roll up the rim campaign?

  2. Arthur says:

    For that you probably have to ask Tim Hortons or try to find that information at their Investor Relations page (specifically, look for their quarterly earnings releases).

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