Roll up the Rim 2012

Hey: it’s Roll up the Rim time again, you know, Canada’s favourite pastime besides eating donuts and shovelling snow. I got my first cup just a couple of days ago and I was allowed to “play again”! Amazing.

The low down tho, is that according to the Rules and Regulations the amount of contest cups went down to 285,854,400: this is almost 100,000 less cups than last year. This year, it looks like the US region is getting the most cups (+1,717,200) while the Atlantic provinces are losing out (-2,225,000). This seems to be the same pattern like last year’s and I assume that the idea is that Maritimers drink more coffee and hence why they can afford to lose contest cups because they keep buying them anyway. I made that last sentence up, obviously. Cool, eh!

Prize wise: this year Toyota provides the car, which is the Camry hybrid (it runs on tim hortons cup I heard..). The prize distribution for the Camry this year is exactly the same as last year’s. The 3D TV is also back and comes in the same distribution amounts as in 2011: however the secondary prizes (Coleman camping kit and the digital camera) show that the Maritime provinces are losing out on total distribution. Not by a lot, mind you but enough to recommend that if you want to win something more substantial than a donut, you should move to Ontario or the US.

Enjoy your pre-baked donuts and don’t Roll up the Rim and drive at the same time!

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