Roll up the Rim 2011

This years “Roll Up The Rim” contest seems to have started early and it seems like Tim Horton’s (or its parent company) has decided to have the contest run slightly longer because, it’s the contest’s 25th anniversary. If it runs longer, there should be more prizes? What say you?

Actually, while the regular prizes are back in action (Toyota, TV, Grill) it looks like 2011 indeed brings extra prices: instead of the 4 main prizes, we actually have 5 of them: if we look at the past years, either the grill (“Napoleon”) or the bike (“Raleigh”) acts as the extra one. The cash prizes are totally gone though: The last time (and only time) the cash prizes weren’t there was in the year of 2008. However, there were 100 cash prizes worth 10,000 each last year: the total of that surely passes the amount of this year’s number 2, 3 and 4 (100 Panasonic TVs, 1000 Gourmet grills and 5000 Raleigh bikes have). According my best estimation the dollar number is around the 500,000 (TV ~ 3000, Grill ~ 1000, Bike ~ 500).

Region-wise, all regions except for the Atlantic provinces have gotten more cups than last year, with the absolute winner Ontario, followed by Alberta and BC. The total of cups for all regions are about the same: it hasn’t really changed in large numbers from the year before it appears.

So, yes, there are more prizes around (thanks to the extra bike / gourmet prizes). I’d be really surprised if the “longest ever prize run” actually will make it to the end of April. Good luck and stop drinking coffee by the end of March.

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