March. Break.

Today, we finally hit +7 degrees Celsius temperatures and, with that, obviously, rain. I happened to look outside a couple of times and I noticed that the ground is finally getting bare, that is at spots were we shoveled. This was a pretty bad Winter, actually one of the worst I’ve seen in my Canadian life: 2 storms in December (total of 54 cms), 3 in January (total of 64 cms), 4 in February (total of 97cms) (the stats, starting with January, are here).

Four or five weeks, I bet with someone that Winter was over: I lost of course and I got beaten up because of that. Today, I believe that this is the end of this dreaded Winter. I guess, the only part to be done is break up the snow and restore the damage that was done to our pretty gravel driveway.

On the other hand, someone said that the Almanac claimed that Winter was going to keep going on until April: if that’s the case, I plan to dig out my weather altering machine. Really. I got one in my shed.

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