Roll up the rim, anno 2010

It’s another year of trying to win a single donut and I bet you are about to run to the local Tim Hortons to put the statistics into practice. Hold on a second: At xsamplex, we’ll get you the numbers, once again (click for all entries).

It looks like the number of contest cups is in a downward trend which peaked in 2008. Compared to last year, the number of contest cups lost stands at 1,474,2000. The general distribution of contest cups shows only slight changes, with Ontario losing the most cups (5 million or so?) and a small rise of numbers in the Alberta, Quebec and Atlantic provinces regions. Quebec is the winner this year, but, with only 2 million more cups, I’m not sure if that’s something to celebrate.

For the 5th year in a row, a Toyota car is the highest valued prize to win: We’ve gone back to SUVs, or rather, the RAV4 has returned. The last time the RAV4 was the main prize was in 2005. This year, there are 40 cars given away, which is 5 more than last year, and all these extra 5 can be win in Ontario. So, if you want to win a car, it looks like Ontario is the place to go for. I bet you’ll look great in your RAV4, 4-wheeling down Toronto’s Younge street.

The other prizes haven’t changed: the numbers are all the same and the distribution has changed in favour of Canadians. The Alberta region seems to be the overall winner here (with the Atlantic provinces next in line): I could make a joke about this (“The Americans get less prizes because of Sidney Crosby”), but the numbers for these two regions just don’t look all too appealing. And again, this yeaer, we see that Toshiba provides the computer gear. That is, compared to last year, this year you can win a sub-par Intel Atom-based netbook. If you win one of those make sure you look happy.

So, generally, I think this year, I’ll stick to instant coffee with a croissant. You should probably too.

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