I‘ve only sporadically followed the Olympic games: most of the time fellow travelers or colleagues kept me up-to-date about the latests. Since there’s only one day left or so, a summary of things that caught the eye.

First of all, before the games officially opened there was the luge accident involving a Georgian athlete. The day after the accident, the authorities reported that the athlete was at fault. However, from what I gathered, is that for the lugers’ safety, the IOC decided to slightly change the track (or rather, change the starting positions for lugers).

The talk in Canada, is of course, the Hockey final which puts Canada against the US. Earlier in the Games, the two countries also played against each other and the Canadians lost.

There was this weird incident in speedskating (the 10 kilometers for males): the favourite for this distance lost his medal because of an error switching lanes, which was blamed on the trainer who also happened to be a professional speedskater back in the past. That said, the US press core felt slightly vindicated (too bad that the IOC has been serving take-down notices for this particular video).

And I guess the most stunning report in the media came from the CBC, which dryly reported that ‘an emergency shipment of condoms’ was headed for Vancouver. Because, if you won a gold medal (or if you didn’t) you should still consider doing it safely.