SXSW stuff for 2012

So this week, the first batch of music files in the traditional torrent file has appeared on the internets (here). There are currently 700+ files in there and I believe there’s another set coming up. Get your torrent app out and share.

This year I’ll be (once again) going through the whole collection: Last year I started late and it took me almost two weeks to get through it. The final result was fairly good: Thinking of it, the 5 songs that I selected are to this day still in my listening repertoire.

If you do want to follow my progress: I’ve shared my Google Doc with the outside world. Last year’s document is also online, but as far as I can tell, that sheet is the filtered music list (here). This year, I’ll stick to the adopted rule that ‘everything rated greater than 3 (not including 3) will be included on my listening device and will be properly rewarded on this blog. Ahem. Whatever.

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