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You can

There is nothing as glorious as opening up a terminal session on my spare Ubuntu laptop and log right into my server. That is, without downloading either Putty or a host of other MingW/Cygwin utilities on Windows. You guessed it: … Continue reading

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My. Suck.s

Earlier, I was looking for an OpenWRT version that could run my Linksys WRT54G. This is where I found out that the hardware version of my router (“8”) isn’t supported. Aw. Apparently, Linksys switched to a propriety embedded OS, the … Continue reading

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Made in WhereEverLand

My Apacer multi-card reader just broke on me. Upon closer inspection, the pins on both ends of the CompactFlash reader seem to have broken off1. Maybe I was in a stage of ‘excited delirium’, which according to popular belief, makes … Continue reading

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More computer stuff: it was so hot today, that one computer just shutdown on me. Its fan was running constantly and I wasn’t too surprised to see it go out. Better leave it off too. The P-100 gave up earlier … Continue reading

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Your Windows just broke

So, you have a Toshiba laptop and Windows doesn’t want to start anymore and shows a message in the form of ‘system config corrupt’ and ‘please insert the original Windows disk and press ‘r’ to start Windows Recovery Console’. If … Continue reading

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That didn’t work

Windows Update downloaded the latest security update (KB925902), but after restart I got the folllowing error message: RTHDCPL.EXE – Illegal System DLL Relocation. The system DLL user32.dll was relocated in memory. The application will not run properly. The relocation occurred … Continue reading

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