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The imminent

The CBC has an article about the prediction that Windows is about to ‘collapse’, because of Microsoft’s inaction towards the marked after the introduction of Windows Vista. Other industry experts say that Microsoft knows it’s Windows days are dwindling, which … Continue reading

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What, technology?

I find myself browsing the web using Ubuntu’s Firefox (in a virtual machine) instead of using Windows’. Yes, but is that the real deal? Yes, it is. Notice that if you requested your free Ubuntu disks, you also get free … Continue reading

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Your Windows just broke

So, you have a Toshiba laptop and Windows doesn’t want to start anymore and shows a message in the form of ‘system config corrupt’ and ‘please insert the original Windows disk and press ‘r’ to start Windows Recovery Console’. If … Continue reading

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That didn’t work

Windows Update downloaded the latest security update (KB925902), but after restart I got the folllowing error message: RTHDCPL.EXE – Illegal System DLL Relocation. The system DLL user32.dll was relocated in memory. The application will not run properly. The relocation occurred … Continue reading

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