What, technology?

I find myself Uranusbrowsing the web using Ubuntu’s Firefox (in a virtual machine) instead of using Windows’. Yes, but is that the real deal? Yes, it is. Notice that if you requested your free Ubuntu disks, you also get free Ubuntu stickers. Where are Microsoft’s? I hope the Solaris kit comes with free stickers. Bonus link: A CIO reviews Ubuntu.

Talking about Microsoft: you’ve probably read that many companies have their doubts about moving from XP to Vista. And then there are still issues with the XBOX 360 (rumoured price cut, Balmer decribes extra warranty as ‘painful’).

Stepping away from computers: Austrian researchers debunked the notion that full moon causes more (workplace) injuries. A team of astronomers and statisticians analyzed over 500,000 industrial incidents and found no link to lunar activities. Yes, but what about Uranus?

And last but not least, I read the transcript of an online chat with J.K. Rowlings and, well, uh, Potter-fans. Here’s a question: will the Harry Potter series ever make it to the public domain, so that our grand-grand children can enjoy it by printing it using this EBM device?

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