A couple of days ago, Mashable linked to here (because of my WP plugin CommentCentral), which caused an interesting backlog of affiliated sites to link here too: these sites ranged from other WP-like sites to sites that only show question marks in my browser (fonts, fonts, fonts). Quite interesting as I mentioned before: the ‘other’ links (if I may call them that way) are in most cases just exact copies of the text over at Mashable. Somebody is making money out of traffic here, and it’s obviously not me.

On the flip-side, CommentCentral made the list of 30 favourite Mashable comment plugins for WordPress, which I find pretty hilarious. Luckily, I don’t have too much time to laugh about this. I’m actually more proud of the fact that I actually contribute to some wisdom on the Net: I mean, xsamplex is the first item in Google if you’re trying to find out about the ‘Keroncong Kemayoran’ (yo dad, you’re in there too). I also get a lot more links coming from people looking for serialport tips (and problems) in C#, Wordfinders (which are the most popular downloads and are probably ready for a .Net overhaul or so) and my favourite of all, Pico Salax.

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