More Joostcomputer stuff: it was so hot today, that one computer just shutdown on me. Its fan was running constantly and I wasn’t too surprised to see it go out. Better leave it off too.

The P-100 gave up earlier this month too: the computer had issues multitasking, which resulted in sound bog-ups whenever there was (heavy) disk-activity. For example, simple things like copying files forth and back and playing music at the same time was literally impossible. This is the simplest form of multitasking, which has been resolved since Windows moved away from cooperative multitasking (ed: wrote originally pre-emptive). If your system (Linux/Unix/Windows) doesn’t pass this simple test, then obviously something is wrong. Anyway: the local Staples company was gracious enough to allow us to trade the laptop for a new one from a different brand.

I finally enrolled in the Joost program, which promises TV over your Internet. I watched a couple of random blits and (short) movies, ranging from straight pulp to interesting. The interface is still not streamlined and confusing at times. You definitely need a fast connection to enjoy these shows: however, I wonder if most of the programs shown are already available somewhere else on the Internet and not particularly unique to Joost. But yeah: it is different and at times fun. I think Joost is public (beta) at this stage (Earlier it was invite-only), but if you can’t get in, send me a mail and I will see what I can do for you.

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  1. alfons says:

    Cooperative multitasking

  2. Arthur says:

    Thanks for the correction. Say: we never had OS/2 right?

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