VirtualBox 2

I worked on installing both Windows 2000 plus the Dutch version of Windows 98: Windows 2000 went (almost) without a problem: it, like Ubuntu, had issues with the APIC setting. Windows 2000 actually doesn’t need too much memory: I used to run it on a 64MB Pentium 2 processor (6 GB harddrive). Yes, it was that MyNote one (more).

Windows 98 was more or less a disaster: I’m not sure how many times I needed a restart, but when the Windows 98 logo popped up after all, I ended up with no sound nor XVGA. Additionally, the OS keeps blue-screening on me: looking through the hardware list, I noticed that sound and vided are the ones marked by Windows 98 to be ‘not found’. Additionally, there’s no way to retrieve default drivers from the Windows CDROM, because, it was not able to detect my CD drive. This is ironic, since I installed Windows from that same drive.

And you know: this sounds like those typical Windows 98 issues to me. Back in 98, I was probably willing to look into it: now, I just press ‘Delete’ in my Virtual Box list. Tragic.

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