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I had a WRT54G (version 8) left over and thought of using it as either a repeater or a client: however, I believe that since V7, Cisco has stopped supporting client/bridge modes in their (consumer routers). I’ve been wanting to … Continue reading

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You asked: Linksys WPSM54G

My WPS54G just died yesterday: this is a Linksys (nee Cisco) Printerserver that supports a whole slew of USB based printers. I had it tied up to my Canon MF5650 printer and if I remember correctly, installing was as easy … Continue reading

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My. Suck.s

Earlier, I was looking for an OpenWRT version that could run my Linksys WRT54G. This is where I found out that the hardware version of my router (“8”) isn’t supported. Aw. Apparently, Linksys switched to a propriety embedded OS, the … Continue reading

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Review: WPS54G

For a long time I’ve been looking for a print server so that I can access that Canon MF5xxx printer from the network, without resorting to leave a computer on all day (you know, via the regular shared printing mess). … Continue reading

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More Computer stuff

After fiddling for hours with a 7100 AP to discover that it does not want to work together with my Linksys router, I decided to give up for now. I suspect that it just doesn’t like retrieving an IP address … Continue reading

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Firmware. And WordPress bugs.

Just a day ago, I discovered that Linksys finally has issued a firmware upgrade for their BEFSX41 broadband router/firewall. I discussed the router before and I’m reasonable happy with it. There are always little problems with it though: for example … Continue reading

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What’s on your Internet today?

I have been running the LinkSys router (and the WAP) since April 10th, so I might just spill my gall: the last time LinkSys issued a firmware update for the BEFSX41 was almost a year ago. Isn’t that a little … Continue reading

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