What’s on your Internet today?

I have been running the LinkSys router (and the WAP) since April 10th, so I might just spill my gall: the last time LinkSys issued a firmware update for the BEFSX41 was almost a year ago. Isn’t that a little bit too long ago?

So once in a while, the router acts like it’s in a stalemate: it’s not frozen, but the internal firewall just doesn’t let any packets through. The only way to correct this, is by turning off the firewall for a couple of seconds. My current network (as discussed before) isn’t really setup the right way either: the router is connected to a hub first, which then is connected to the cablemodem. It works, apparently and that’s the main thing that counts.

Also, I’ve managed to get an extra domain name (strncpy.org), as requested by Alfons. I have no idea why he liked that name, but it must have to do with this rant. Don’t ask me, but is it safe? As you noticed, this page can now safely referred to (and linked to) as ‘hoogervorst.ca’. Oh, the fun.

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2 Responses to What’s on your Internet today?

  1. alfons says:

    Hmm, interesting links:

    Linksys BEFSX41 appears to hang connections
    CodingForums.com – Network problems need help quick!

    And it really goes on and on. No problem though, I had the same problems with my router, and after glossing over and changing settings, it works. Every once in two / three months I need to reset it though.

  2. alfons says:

    Oh, you really should look better, especially in the DSL forums. I tracked and solved my problems the same way.
    For example, there was recently new firmware released, version 1.52.3. See here.

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