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My. Suck.s

Earlier, I was looking for an OpenWRT version that could run my Linksys WRT54G. This is where I found out that the hardware version of my router (“8″) isn’t supported. Aw. Apparently, Linksys switched to a propriety embedded OS, the [infamous] VxWorks. Aw2.

There are holy wars being fought about routers, particularly which one sucks and which one doesn’t. Personally, I haven’t had many issues with Linksys hardware and the WRT54 I bought this summer (no review!) was a piece of cake to set-up. I wished I had bought the one with that extra USB slot, though.

Talking about that infamous VxWorks: it’s a real-time operating system (Wikipedia) which is competing hard against Microsoft’s Mobile/CE platform. It’s apparently ported to many processors and it powers (and powered) most likely your favourite spacecraft, including the Mars Pathfinder mission. There’s an interesting anecdote about how the software almost threw a kink in the cable, detailed in this article at Microsoft Research (with an interesting follow-up from the JPL).

More Computer stuff

After BEFSX41 fiddling for hours with a 7100 AP to discover that it does not want to work together with my Linksys router, I decided to give up for now. I suspect that it just doesn’t like retrieving an IP address from the router.

Talking about that router, initially I wasn’t happy with it, but after applying the latest firmware upgrade (January’s one, I don’t see a reason to upgrade to the June one) it has been running steadily. Compare that with D-Link: the last time there was a 7100 firmware upgrade was years ago.

There might be a chance that one day OpenWRT will support that D-Link one. For now, back to the 11 MBs AP.