Firmware. And WordPress bugs.

Just new_wev3ersa2.jpga day ago, I discovered that Linksys finally has issued a firmware upgrade for their BEFSX41 broadband router/firewall. I discussed the router before and I’m reasonable happy with it. There are always little problems with it though: for example a traceroute literally drops the connection. When a connection is dropped, I always find it cumbersome to reconnect: for some kind of reason, the internal firewall just starts dropping packets. Lookin at the version info, it looks like some of these problems have been fixed:

1. Tracerouter in WAN will cause the device to reboot.

I noticed a couple of irritating bugs in WordPress ‘2.0’, particularly around the new ‘Image manager’: sometimes the ‘image menu’ doesn’t want to pop-up: my java-script debugger returns a couple of errors like ‘doPopup is not defined’. However, there are more messages popping up before that error actually starts to appear:

Error: missing ; before statement
Source File: xxxx
Line: 28, Column: 167
Source Code: aa[904] = 'Some URL + Code'

Today, I noticed that my harddrive is getting full. Panic. 40 Gig. Only 1.3 Gig left. I’m cursed with something human: hamsteritus. Oh, I see: there are 13 ISO images of Debian Sarge in my jigdo folder: makes up for 8 GB. Reminder to self to buy CD-R/Ws.

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