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Made in WhereEverLand

My Apacer multi-card reader just broke on me. Upon closer inspection, the pins on both ends of the CompactFlash reader seem to have broken off1. Maybe I was in a stage of ‘excited delirium’, which according to popular belief, makes … Continue reading

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V-J Day

Today marks V-J day, which is the day that (then) emperor Hirohito announced the unconditional surrender of the Japanese forces, eventually ‘freeing’ my parents, their siblings and their parents (the independence of Indonesia was called for two days after that, … Continue reading

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Before going to bed last night, I read a brief report about a town in the US hit by tornadoes. This morning, this thread at Metafilter reported that the tornado that hit that town (Greensburg) seemed to have just flattened … Continue reading

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Keroncong Kemayoran

The week before we buried our dad, Alfons took it upon him to compile the music for the funeral, that is from beginning to end. I think I was asked about my preferences, but decided to leave most of the … Continue reading

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