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They Chose China

A couple of months ago, I downloaded the documentary ‘They Chose China’ to my Ubuntu laptop with an intention to watch it some day, whenever I had time. The documentary features American ‘turncoats’ in China: American soldiers, who after the … Continue reading

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A Carrier

Way earlier (a couple of weeks perhaps) I was reminded of the fact that the Dutch navy at one time had a carrier (actually two but that’s a different story) which served a small amount of time in and around … Continue reading

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V-J Day

Today marks V-J day, which is the day that (then) emperor Hirohito announced the unconditional surrender of the Japanese forces, eventually ‘freeing’ my parents, their siblings and their parents (the independence of Indonesia was called for two days after that, … Continue reading

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Keroncong Kemayoran

The week before we buried our dad, Alfons took it upon him to compile the music for the funeral, that is from beginning to end. I think I was asked about my preferences, but decided to leave most of the … Continue reading

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