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I, link.

A couple of links I ran into which are worth mentioning and that only for future reference: I discovered NYT’s amazing Multimedia section only because I was looking for photos discussing the Black Sea environmental disaster (discussed earlier, direct link … Continue reading

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Enter and Exit

This weekend, we attended a wedding ceremony plus the dinner afterwards and managed to shoot some photos too. Here’s something I noticed: it looked like everyone was carrying a digital camera. Many moons ago you wouldn’t even think of taking … Continue reading

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Alfons made this great photo of 2 cellos (violins? It’s actually hard to guess the size of them in that picture), after attending a concert in The Netherlands. I guess copying is the highest form of flattery: I was forced … Continue reading

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Where was that moon?

We had a hard time locating the moon today, as we were anticipating the lunar eclipse (earlier). Nothing happened at 5:30 PM, apparently and it wasn’t until 6 that we finally saw that moon coming from behind the distant tree/mountain … Continue reading

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Cold and photos

I read that it is going to be cold for a while: temperatures have been sticking between the -15 and lower for the last days, nee, weeks. With these kind of temperatures, making pictures puts a toll on the charge … Continue reading

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So, -snow

I just peeked out the window and saw that it was snowing alright again. It has been going on and off all day, actually. It appeared to be worse yesterday, basically because of the sudden drop of temperature in the … Continue reading

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