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I, link.

A coupleWarming over all continents of links I ran into which are worth mentioning and that only for future reference:

I discovered NYT’s amazing Multimedia section only because I was looking for photos discussing the Black Sea environmental disaster (discussed earlier, direct link to photos). I knew that the paper did some podcasts but the photo section (for some kind of reason) is something I must have missed.

In March 2007, Conde Nast Traveler sent out a reporter to travel around the world in exactly 80 days: he wasn’t allowed to board a plane or use a vehicle going faster than 100mph. The result isn’t as (scientifically) surprising as the end of that similar-named Jules Verne story, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

Friday night I was reading up on the IPCC’s report on global warming: I read that there was going to be a crucial announcement Saturday morning. The (draft) report can be found right over at that link too (direct link [PDF]).

Enter and Exit

This weekend, we Exit the old, enter the newattended a wedding ceremony plus the dinner afterwards and managed to shoot some photos too. Here’s something I noticed: it looked like everyone was carrying a digital camera. Many moons ago you wouldn’t even think of taking a camera with you to a wedding because, it was actually pretty expensive to have the film developed. Additionally, you were never certain if photos actually turned out or not. If they did turn out, you were either extremely lucky or just plain gifted.

During the first quick browse through my photo set (the morning after the wedding), I ended up throwing out between 20 to 30 photos: most of them out of focus ones. While I had a flash, I was frequently switching between auto-focus and manual focus: the camera had a (tremendous) hard time to focus on subjects particularly at places where it was (apparently) too dark. Luckily, most people were wearing some white (or light coloured) clothes [reflection is what made the auto-focus work again].

I don’t mind making pictures of people though. There’s something rewarding about having the perfect picture (from a different angle) of people caught with mixed emotions during ceremonies like marriage.


Alfons made this great photo of 2 cellos (violins? It’s actually hard to guess the size of them in that picture), after attending a concert in The Netherlands. I guess copying is the highest form of flattery:

A guitar and another one

I was forced to use manual focus because the AF wasn’t able to distinguish details [dark]

Where was that moon?

We had Moon rising above the treelinea hard time locating the moon today, as we were anticipating the lunar eclipse (earlier).

Nothing happened at 5:30 PM, apparently and it wasn’t until 6 that we finally saw that moon coming from behind the distant tree/mountain line. Yeah, that figures: we should hire some explosives experts to blow up the mountains so that a future eclipse is for all to enjoy.

It was harder though to make photos with the 50 mm, particularly later that night: the town lights obviously refracted in the lens and turned the (hardly visible) moon into a full-duracell-powered moon. A kind of undesired effect that you can only get away by using an ultra high ISO setting and the lowest (or longest, whichever you prefer) possible time-stop.

update 03/10/07: APOD’s image of that day (which appears to be a combination of 2 separate shots)

Cold and photos

I read Stairwaythat it is going to be cold for a while: temperatures have been sticking between the -15 and lower for the last days, nee, weeks.

With these kind of temperatures, making pictures puts a toll on the charge of the camera batteries: Alfons passed on three to me, and today, one of them gave up within the hour. Not to mention that the lens’ autofocus mechanism doesn’t really like these temperatures either. I should find a way to keep the camera (and particularly the lens) warm, or within operating temperatures.

Talking about photos: CBC has photos of the snow storm that hit Europe, last Thursday. The series include a picture of The Netherlands; an uninspiring scene depicting a windmill in the snow.

And then, the winner of the 50th annual World Press Photo contest was announced: The winning picture shows a group of young Lebanese driving through a South Beirut neighbourhood. I was actually more impressed by this photo. Other galleries can be found here.

So, -snow

I just A tree, a town and snowpeeked out the window and saw that it was snowing alright again. It has been going on and off all day, actually. It appeared to be worse yesterday, basically because of the sudden drop of temperature in the afternoon, making the area around the house a skate rink. I wouldn’t be surprised if the same happens tonight.

Snowplowers of Nova Scotia, unite! For great justice!

Bonus links: Don’t stand there when a snowplow is on the road, “Snow Plow Science”.

02/07/2007: There’s a bug somewhere in WordPress that magically ‘deleted’ the photo shown above.