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A coupleVirtuAmp of months ago, I found VirtuAmp, a (real-time) virtual guitar amplifier that comes with a range of virtual pedals, including a tremolo, flanger and compressor. It works actually pretty good too and it’s easy to setup: your (desktop) microphone can work as an input, but preferably you should use your (semi/electric) guitar cable and plug it right into the line-in/mic of your computer (for this you may need an adapter of course).

So, if you want to be a rockstar, you can even use your acoustic guitar (or semi-acoustic in my case) and crank up the flanger. You go, Jimmy Hendrix! (Sample sound of me playing, 30+ second, mp31).

Since VirtuAmp processes everything in real-time, you may need a fast processor. You definitely need a good soundcard (my onboard cheapy ass freaking soundcard makes a mess out of it). Additionally, if you feel so obliged, virtuAmp comes with complete sources.

(I’m also not sure how this compares to the real stuff, but hey, it’s fun anyways).

1 I did this in one take using Audacity and my USB Creative SoundBlaster Live! soundcard. Background noise and static was filtered out, and the overall sound was amplified with a (min.) preset level of (at least) 0.8 dB. Hence why it may sound a bit ‘tin-canned’.

Strings and Skies

There’s an old Strings and uh… Dutch Polish Swedish British Belgian Luxemburg Czech Hungarian San Marino 18th century saying which explains the correlation between full moon and cold weather: “Clear Skies, Invalid Memory Writes”.

OK. Skip the European geography introduction in the first paragraph: it was cold yesterday (and last night). I managed to get out and buy a cardreader (“Sandisk Extreme USB 2.0 Reader”), for which the local store charged me 35 dollars (pre-tax). Maybe it was so expensive because mine didn’t include the ‘soft pouch’ that Sandisk claims to have included. But I don’t want to sound too cranky: I support the local economy, I guess.

I swept by the (local) music store too, to buy some new strings for The Guitar. Let it be known: I love putting on strings on a guitar, that is, preferably, without the presence of a cat. There’s no reason for a cat to chase (and jump) after guitar strings. After I dealt with the cat, I managed to get to the fun part of having new strings on a guitar: Retuning. If you play guitar a lot, the first string to tune is the low E string (which you can do by ear) and then use the “1/3 tuning method” to tune the other strings.

The only thing I now need to take care of is to tie and cut the ends of the strings so that I don’t poke my (or the cat’s) eyes out while I play.


Alfons made this great photo of 2 cellos (violins? It’s actually hard to guess the size of them in that picture), after attending a concert in The Netherlands. I guess copying is the highest form of flattery:

A guitar and another one

I was forced to use manual focus because the AF wasn’t able to distinguish details [dark]