Cold and photos

I read Stairwaythat it is going to be cold for a while: temperatures have been sticking between the -15 and lower for the last days, nee, weeks.

With these kind of temperatures, making pictures puts a toll on the charge of the camera batteries: Alfons passed on three to me, and today, one of them gave up within the hour. Not to mention that the lens’ autofocus mechanism doesn’t really like these temperatures either. I should find a way to keep the camera (and particularly the lens) warm, or within operating temperatures.

Talking about photos: CBC has photos of the snow storm that hit Europe, last Thursday. The series include a picture of The Netherlands; an uninspiring scene depicting a windmill in the snow.

And then, the winner of the 50th annual World Press Photo contest was announced: The winning picture shows a group of young Lebanese driving through a South Beirut neighbourhood. I was actually more impressed by this photo. Other galleries can be found here.

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5 Responses to Cold and photos

  1. alfons says:

    Yes, you have to keep the batteries warm too.

  2. alfons says:

    You can keep the camera warm by just using it under your coat too.

  3. alfons says:

    Also you don’t have to shoot at F/1.8. This photo would probably win more by shooting it a bit stopped down.

  4. Arthur says:

    Also you don’t have to shoot at F/1.8.

    Yeah, I know: it’s the only stop I’ve learned to appreciate because of the unexpected blur (bokeh) it generates.

    (in this case it gives the wood (the railing) a ‘plastic’ miniature feeling).

  5. alfons says:

    Yeah, it’s a great lens.

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