Where was that moon?

We had Moon rising above the treelinea hard time locating the moon today, as we were anticipating the lunar eclipse (earlier).

Nothing happened at 5:30 PM, apparently and it wasn’t until 6 that we finally saw that moon coming from behind the distant tree/mountain line. Yeah, that figures: we should hire some explosives experts to blow up the mountains so that a future eclipse is for all to enjoy.

It was harder though to make photos with the 50 mm, particularly later that night: the town lights obviously refracted in the lens and turned the (hardly visible) moon into a full-duracell-powered moon. A kind of undesired effect that you can only get away by using an ultra high ISO setting and the lowest (or longest, whichever you prefer) possible time-stop.

update 03/10/07: APOD’s image of that day (which appears to be a combination of 2 separate shots)

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