I closed Giant Mooseheaddown the comments for now: the last 3 days I received spam that came (consistently) from one IP address (Australia, if you want to know). Consistently. For three days. You’d say that an administrator would know after 3 days.

Weather has been on the up recently: It looks like it’s hitting the 0 degrees the next couple days. This comes right in time for next Saturday’s Lunar eclipse, which (according to the CBC) we have the best spot for. If you’re European, you have exactly one day to fly over and spend your valuable Eurodollars over here. I mean, Canada ranks 7 in the World Forum’s Travel And Tourism Competitiveness Report.

I read this on the Tubes: A Saskatchewan man found this giant moosehead in the Bay of Fundy (see image above, Google link goes here). For family members reading this: that’s close to the spot where we made pictures too (Cheverie). Actually, we ate around that area too: there’s a small restaurant there. And plenty of potholes. Unless they fixed that recently. It is pretty there, yes.

Earlier I heard stories about a company looking for gold in Nova Scotia: test drilling has commenced in Beaverdam. I’ve heard stories about gold mines around here, none of them really having produced a lot of that worthy stuff. At one time, I heard a story (on CBC radio) that rocks containing gold were actually used for the Halifax Airport runways. I’m not sure if that’s a true story or not.

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