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Fandro 2 (Winforms)

Back in 2014, I mentioned briefly that I had started on the .Net version of Fandro (see: No timelines as of yet, though, but technically, the main algorithm was finished a couple of days ago. Time permitting, I expect … Continue reading

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Fandro 2 /Winforms

Introduction Fandro2 / Winforms – the .Net version of Fandro, now with hand-coded BMH. Github: Screenshots: Releases: Features It works the same as Fandro! It has a multiple folder selection editor It still uses the same commandline … Continue reading

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You heard it here first: I’ve started working on a successor to Fandro (at xsamplex), mainly because, firstly, I love diving into these kind of algorithms. Secondly, Fandro’s popularity (for an app written in the Windows XP age) surprised me. … Continue reading

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Update (June 2023) Fandro is officially GPL-ed – If you feel like wading thru Delphi code – feel free to look and learn! Old text continues: Introduction Frustrated with today’s Find and Search File tools? Getting sick and tired … Continue reading

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Find, you

Last weekend, I decided to pick up my Delphi compiler and work a bit on Fandro: in real life, I found out that I wanted to be able to launch Fandro from Explorer’s context-sensitive menu and henceforth, I worked on … Continue reading

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Sardines, cans, computers

A couple of days ago, I was watching Planet Earth (BBC’s award winning documentary) and I noticed one of the documentary’s crew member trying to though out a can of sardines (see photo). We used to eat that stuff too, … Continue reading

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While working on billing software, I was planning to write something on visual inheritance in Visual Studio Express (C#): this feature is ‘amiss’ in the lower end versions of that programming environment. I decided not to because the concept is … Continue reading

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You asked: CreatMapFile & Pascal

From the logfile, a Polish person looking for CreateFileMapping, most likely using Delphi. The WIN32 API function is generally used in conjunction with ‘MapViewOfFile’. You’d generally use memory mapped files when you run into a TStringList limitation. At this stage, … Continue reading

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You Lock

I decided to give McAfee’s Online virus scanner (requires IE5 or higher because of ActiveX component) a run only because they have been pretty persistent with their ‘Please, we need your money to survive in this rocky business market of … Continue reading

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Earlier, I uploaded a newer Fandro version, a version that finally fixes the ‘CaseInsensitiveSensitive’ problems. I actually had to dive back in the code and at the end I needed to make a couple of changes to the program’s internal … Continue reading

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Et tu, compile

Managed to compile Regnessem, that is, a couple of hours ago. Compiling isn’t too much of a job: the original directory structure within the tarball (which I hope is the latest version of the program) has been setup nice and … Continue reading

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Interesting: earlier this afternoon, the firewall notified that spoolsv.exe wanted to have access to the Internet. While allowing it, I came to wonder why it actually wanted to do that. Or actually, since when it wanted to go online. A … Continue reading

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A couple of stuff

Since my vacation is officially over, it’s time to return to the normal programming (and the job). On the personal plate are the following plans and corrections: Fandro: I noticed that the program refuses to go into ‘hidden’ directories: that … Continue reading

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