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Convendro, Soliendro

So, the last couple of weeks, I’ve finally decided to push for a 1.0 release of Convendro (Google Code downloads, Github code): the reason being that I thought it was getting obnoxious that it was still in ‘beta-ish’ mode. After … Continue reading

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This is 2010?

In 2010, nobody blogs anymore: Most likely the main reason for this are other distractions like the social networks Facebook and Twitter, where people can selectively ‘opt others out’ of their ‘personal friend lists’ and pump 148 characters messages out … Continue reading

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Ice, Ice, Maybe (part 2)

I finally figured out why help is skimpy on Wix (the Windows Installer XML toolkit): that’s mainly because the original designers of Wix don’t want you to use Wix. It’s that simple: Wix’s learning curve is so steep, I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Sardines, cans, computers

A couple of days ago, I was watching Planet Earth (BBC’s award winning documentary) and I noticed one of the documentary’s crew member trying to though out a can of sardines (see photo). We used to eat that stuff too, … Continue reading

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