Convendro, Soliendro

So, the last couple of weeks, I’ve finally decided to push for a 1.0 release of Convendro (Google Code downloads, Github code): the reason being that I thought it was getting obnoxious that it was still in ‘beta-ish’ mode. After what, 2 years? Come on, pal.

That being said: I’ve mainly focused on clean-up and creating two separate installers for 32 and 64-bits architectures.The irony is that twhe development tool chain literally forced me to deliver two separate installers: First, VS (and the Express edition) has a funny bug (right-oh-here) that kicks in when ever you want to target a full project to 32-bits. My alternative choice, SharpDevelop, does not like targeting 64-bit as ‘there is no x64 debugger yet’. Tough luck and tough shit as a famous rapper once proclaimed: we just change the build to fit the 64-bit dlls and create new installers. Whatever.

So 1.0 out and what’s next? I have no idea, yet. I wrote Convendro because I got tired of WinFF and some other unspecified ‘ad-supported’ conversion tool. I’d love to be able to support more recent versions of ffmpeg. Clever-er parsing of output. Support for other encoders/decoders. How or what, I just don’t know yet.

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