This is 2010?

In 2010, nobody blogs anymore: Most likely the main reason for this are other distractions like the social networks Facebook and Twitter, where people can selectively ‘opt others out’ of their ‘personal friend lists’ and pump 148 characters messages out every second. Guilty as charged too, but having blogged for many years, there goes nothing above a three paragraph piece of text. So, what was 2009, again:

  • Convendro: I’ve never liked WinFF and knowing that it’s just a front-end of the almighty ffmpeg (earlier on xsamplex), I thought it was time to write something myself. I eventually moved the code to Google Code, mainly because I couldn’t get myself to touch SourceForge again. I’ve seen people using my code as a reference for extracting data from ffmpeg’s (error) output. Interesting to see how that piece of code eventually spread over the Internets. It’s also interesting to find out how 3rd party software listing sites have been hosting the main installer. As a word of caution, the official means of distribution is via Google Code.
  • At one time we were back in Truro, NS and it felt like returning to a place where time has stood still. Every time I returned to Deventer, The Netherlands, I had that same sort of feeling.
  • I’d never thought I would get so attached to a dog. This is particularly significant knowing that as kids we never really had pets (as in cats or dogs). I’m pretty certain my dad didn’t mind dogs (and obviously, he seemed to have had his share of dogs when he was younger) but I guess, there was never room for pets in our parental ‘enclave’. Katy the Wunderdog died at age 18, which is an amazing age for a dog.
  • Every time the identical other makes it over to Canada, it always appears to be time for putting everything on the back burner and do some recharging.

So, 2010, then. It will probably be like one of those other years (2007, 2008, whichever), with hopefully (and I say this every year) more programming to be done. Maybe less writing. Who knows.

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