We lost our faithful companion last Wednesday: Katy the Wunderdog was put down and life got a lot quieter around the house. If she had lasted a couple of weeks, she would have been 18 which is an excellent age for a dog her size. It’s a kind of surprising how fast it went downhill with her: last year’s photos of her tell a different story than the dog we knew for the last couple of weeks.

The other thing of note was that Air France plane disaster, last Sunday or Monday. Flight 447 was lost during a transatlantic flight from Brazil to France. The rescue efforts (or should I say, the search efforts) finally seem to have found the first bodies but there’s no word yet on the black boxes, which may have ended up in the depths of the Atlantic.

Curious: shouldn’t these boxes go with floaters for transatlantic flights? I mean, finding out what happened is crucial in these kind of disasters, instead of relying on best guesses by your local airplane and weather expert.

Update 1: Christian Science Monitor on ‘floating’ black boxes (06/03/09).

Update 2: Air France plane crashed ‘intact’ (07/02/09).

Update 3: Air France boxes search to wind down (07/10/09).

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