You Lock

I decided to give McAfee’s Online virus scanner (requires IE5 or higher because of ActiveX component) a run only because they have been pretty persistent with their ‘Please, we need your money to survive in this rocky business market of anti-virus scanning’ e-mails ads in my mailbox. During the scan it did find suspect files, in which I decide to use Fandro to find these supposedly infected files. The moment I started the search, McAfee’s scanner immediately decided to stop and requested me to stop any other running virus scanners.

While I’m not aware of Fandro’s anti-virus skills (and I can vouch for that, since I’m the programmer), I suspect it may have to do with the way how I load the files in memory (using CreateMappingFile). There was a particular reason why I was forced to use mapped files, but as far as I remember, this technique doesn’t (necessarily) explicitly locks files (The Win32 SDK files don’t mention any locking)

Maybe that means I’m doing something good.

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