Knoppix 5

To celebrate Knoppix in 1024x768the 289128280th cakeday, I decided to load up Knoppix on the P100 laptop.

There were a couple of issues, right at startup (where I had to add a couple of commands to skip the ACPI functionality). After detecting everything nicely, I was presented with a 1024×768 resolution, instead of the preferred 1440 one. Bummer.

For the rest everything seems to be working, including networking and sound (for a change: see earlier Ubuntu live-CD experience).

8 thoughts on “Knoppix 5

  1. Arthur Post author

    You’re better off using VMWare.

    Yeah. I had that installed too earlier… Is that actually workable?

  2. Arthur Post author

    “Thanks, you’re too kind!”

    I could have said that you’re cute, but I don’t think you want to hear that from your twin.

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