Earlier, Honey wafflesI uploaded a newer Fandro version, a version that finally fixes the ‘CaseInsensitiveSensitive’ problems. I actually had to dive back in the code and at the end I needed to make a couple of changes to the program’s internal BMH routines (and more!). Fandro: now it works even better1.

Right: So, this morning I woke up to a brand new scent brought to me by the subconscious parts of the left brain that is, the scent of fresh-baked Dutch honey-waffles. Mind the fresh-baked for now: these cookies are truly of the ‘you want another one, right’-kind. Or ‘You eat one and you keep eating until you notice that the package is empty’-kind. For some kind of reason, in my parental house, there was always an endless supply of ‘stroop wafels’. Not joking. When you’re a kid, you think that’s normal. At the age I’m at now (that is ‘Quite-Old with fries please, megasize it‘), this strikes me as ‘odd’. To say at least, ‘mysterious’. Where did these cookies come from anyways?

And talking about fresh-baked: There’s a store on the Kalverstraat in Amsterdam where they make the best honey-waffles. I shouldn’t be telling you this.

1 Uh. I forget2.
2 Ah. I remember: did you know that they have two Easter days in The Netherlands? I can’t remember why.

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