A couple of stuff

Since my vacation is officially over, it’s time to return to the normal programming (and the job). On the personal plate are the following plans and corrections:

  • Fandro: I noticed that the program refuses to go into ‘hidden’ directories: that is until you specifically select a hidden directory. This is a bug (naturally). I also noticed that there’s a minor bug in the ‘file conditions’ area: when looking for specific filesizes the file finder won’t return the right results. A bigger bug is that the threading mechanism does not return control sooner enough when it is parsing huge files: minor, but annoying.
  • The blog: Hey, I did some programming on Big Elsie at home but did not move the changes to the php code to Xsamplex. Basically, I was planning to ‘expose’ the Elsewhere links in a separate page, which means that I changed a couple of ‘page templates’.
  • Since I have plenty of space still to go here, I’ve been thinking to set up a group blog. Point is, that I’ve been too busy to choose the right software for this. People have suggested Drupal: I’ve been looking at Nucleus and even thought about changing WordPress completely (since I’ve become familiar with its messy inner-code).

There’s still some Postgres coding stuff hanging in my head, some Postgres XML tools and other fun stuff. Point is, there’s so much fun to do that it’s killing my brain and time.

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