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You asked: Kubuntu or Ubuntu

Just yesterday, Canonical released one of the most important Ubuntu versions of its history: “Natty Narwhal”. The most famous Linux based desktop officially did away with the Gnome shell and replaced it with the Gnome based Unity shell (wikipedia to … Continue reading

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You asked: KDE or Gnome?

I work in both environments: that is, whenever I think there’s a need for working in KDE or Gnome, I just logout and change session (I have both window managers installed). But that wouldn’t really answer the question, I guess. … Continue reading

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Some KDE

I run a mix of Gnome and KDE on one of my computers: for a couple of Mono related things, I ended up frequently running the Gnome desktop. Just today, I decided to follow-up on the notifications telling me that … Continue reading

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Is there hope?

I‘ve been working so much on Vista and XP lately that I forgot about the release of the first beta for KDE 4.2, so naturally, I decided to download the latest binaries (“Neon”). Barring any bugs, I have to say … Continue reading

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Earlier I upgraded to Kubuntu 8.10, which took (with my connection) approximately 2 hours to download and another couple for actually installing the whole thing. Since I have both KDE and Gnome installed side by side, I ended up with … Continue reading

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If you weren’t aware of it, K/Ubuntu 8.10 is about to be released in a couple of days, actually, to be exact, on October 30th. I’ve seen the casual screenshots around of sand-brownish looking desktops and windows-dressing. Those reviews all … Continue reading

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Only. Assorted.

Assorted links I was thinking about this week: I read that Cunard’s “Queen Elizabeth 2” is officially retiring: in a couple of months the ship sails for her last destination, Dubai, to become a state of the art ‘floating hotel’. … Continue reading

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Four, then II

Observations on KDE 4.1: 1. Everytime I restarted, Kate (the editor) and Kopete kept starting up: I didn’t find any references to these programs in the regular location (.kde4/Autostart), so I did a grep on ps (as in ‘ps -e … Continue reading

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Four, then

I decided to give KDE 4.1 a go on my current Ubuntu (Hardy Heron) install: There are many sites around with instructions how to install KDE on your Gnome-enabled installation, so I won’t go in too many details. The idea … Continue reading

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